About the Founder

Rocio Flores was born to Mexican immigrant parents and was raised in a small town in Central California. Rocio had the privilege and honor to be raised by two loving, hard working parents who taught her the meaning of discipline, compassion and perseverance. 

“My parents are my role models, they are my heroes. They taught me everything I know, everything I believe in and that gratitude is a true super power.”

Rocio’s parents worked humble jobs when coming to the United States, her mother worked tirelessly in the fields and her father was a gardener at the local air force base. Soon, they found the desire and strength to start their own businesses. 

“It was through seeing my dad work hard every day and helping my mom clean offices during my summers and saturday mornings, that I learned first hand about the struggles, challenges and also successes and joys that my parents faced every day as business owners.” 

Rocio is a first generation college student, having attended first a local community college, and then transferring to receive her Bachelor’s degree from the University of California Irvine, moving on to receive her Masters degree from California State University Long Beach. Currently, Rocio is working on her doctoral degree from the University of Southern California and dedicates her full time job to supporting and engaging with diverse community based small businesses, developing programs, outreach initiatives and strategic partnerships to meet the needs of our business communities. 

Her most proudest role of all, however, is being a mother to her 3 beautiful young children. Rocio currently resides in El Sereno with her family. 

“Being a mother is the greatest gift life has given me; both a challenge and a joy. My kids give me purpose, they teach me every day, and they show me what true love really means. One day, I want them to be proud of me like I am of my parents.”