2023 BELLA Latina Micro-Grant Application Opens October 9, 2023


Congratulations to our 2022 BELLA Latina Entrepreneurship Grant Recipients!

Melibee Plantas began as a culmination of Melissa’s journey into motherhood, her experiences and her identity. She’s a Latina born and raised in Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, CA. She became a first generation college Graduate in Oakland – where her small first business began!
Her goal is to spread the education and love of plantas as a way to connect our roots, our histories, our strengths and our areas of growth.
As of now, Melibee Plantas has grown throughout Southern California; establishing roots in various pop-ups, offering multiple services, selling merch and growing new plantas everyday. @melibeeplantas

Ely, pronouns she/her, is a queer local artisan and candle maker in East LA. She is the owner of Earthy Corazon, a small business that she started in January 2020. She started her business to offer wholesome and natural gifts to her family and friends.
She wanted to provide them with intentional self-care. The intention since then has expanded. She went from working in her kitsch, spare bedroom and most recently opened a retail store in her neighborhood. Something that she didn’t think possible before.
Earthy Corazon is a labor of love to encourage communities of color to practice intentional self-care and wellness. As a first-gen entrepreneur, this vision has helped her and family build together and dream of new possibilities. She shares this space collectively with local makers and artists. She extends her offerings of candles and natural body care to bring light and good energy to her community. @earthycorazon

Adriana Posada is the Owner of Adriana’s Flannes. Adriana’s Flannes provides pastries for events, pop-ups and many more. Family recipes have been passed down through generations. @adrianasflannes



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